Text:         Exodus 4:2

By:          Jude Obomedaire

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INTRODUCTION: After God had created the world, He looked at all He created and said “they are good”, anything that is good is useful. We sometimes thrash some things in our homes because they have lost their usefulness. God did not just create us, He deposited something in us that makes us useful vessels to Him. Exodus 3:19. He did not create us empty. The question is “What is it that God has deposited in me?” That is what you are holding. God has bless some of us with money, talent, wisdom, knowledge, Children, opportunity etc. What are you doing with these things you are holding.

In Exodus 4:2, God asked Moses the same question, Moses never knew he was holding something powerful in his hands, he believed it was just a rod “a useless rod control animals”. He had been with that rod for ages but he never knew what he was holding was useful to God until he had encounter with God. So many of us are like Moses today, we are holding back things that God is in need of for the growth of church but we just walk around every day like Moses thinking it is nothing but it is something great you are holding.

So many Christians are in active in the church today because they believe they are not qualify to do what God called them to do – You will hear comment like I don’t have a good voice but you are talking, I don’t know how to preach what about just following others? The bible class is so boring what do you think we should do?

Satan’s fear is not our being Christians or coming to church, it is our involvement in ministries because in ministry, you are putting your potentials into building of church.


God did not create any one empty. There is something you are holding.

Stop giving excuses – make plans to use what you are holding.

Stop under estimating yourself.

Have an encounter with God – divine encounter (relationship) with God then our rod will come alive.

Refuse to be idle – Find yourself a ministry.

Stop unhealthy competition – do the little you can for now while you develop yourself.

God is in need of what you are holding.

Don’t give up, Keep fighting.

Keep fighting and building – Satan will always be there to make sure he makes you see yourself as nothing but the truth is that there are potentials in you.

There was a young boy who was a son of a drifter. He worked as a store clerk for a while but the store failed. He bought a partnership in another store but it failed also. He ran for legislature and lost both times. He ran for vice president and lost. But he became the 16th president of United State. He is Abraham Lincoln.

How Albert Einstein who tried to go to school but failed but later won the noble prize at the age of 26. Here are men with setback in life, road block but become great in their field. How much more we children of God?


Samson had a jawbone to slay a thousand men, Ruth had a grain from the field. David had a sling and a stone to defeat Goliath, the little boy had 5 loaves and 2 fishes, the widow had an alabaster to oil Jesus feet, the widow of Zarephath had a flour.

What are you holding? Make it useful to build the church.

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