By:              Bro. Godwin Nene (Deacon)

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Relationships is the state of being related or inter-related, the connecting or binding of people together such as kinship, marriage, religious, association, family etc.

Relationship is the glue that hold people together. God cherishes relationships. God created us for relationships, in the genesis of the world God was looking for relationships and thus God created man (male and female) in His image (Gen. 1-2) Man breaches the term of relationships. It should be noted that because of the solid relationships between Christ and the Apostles, people hardly identified Christ among them. Our marriage will struggle without solid relationships, husband and wife, children and parents, minister and church members, you can imagine the relationships between cements and sand that produces solid blocks for building. Relationships is the key to joy and pain.

There are many types of relationships but let’s look at the symbiotic form of relationships, not the parasite types.

What are the ingredients for symbiotic relationships.

  1.  Mutual respect
  2.  Mutual trust
  3. Mutual enjoyment/pain
  4. Reciprocity
  5. Mutual understanding

NB: Love is the stabilizer of any solid relationships

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