Resolute Faith for Unusual Decision

Text:        Proverbs 24:10

By:           Avwokpeta, Esivwe

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Maxim on Adage or proverbs are statement that have very strong grip on life’s reality. you have heard proverb like ‘’what the old man who seats in his chair seas the young man cannot sea even if he climbs a ladder Solomon in this in this adage if your faint in the day of adversity your strength is small gave as clue on how important it is to be courageous in the days of adversity Job 4:1. 

To faint means to give _ up, lack power, lose courage lose hope.

Adversity means distress trouble anguish tribulation Farah’s anaemic true live story. An abstract from the book ‘An Afghanic Girl in the other side of the Sky’.

  • Reality of Adversity

Adversity are in diverse from . What will you do when it seems life is sniffed out of you ?

  • When you lost a loved one Aircrash when parents were waiting for their children
  • experience bullying, discrimination or abuse
  • the end of a relationship
  • when there is a major change in life circumstances, such as divorce, unemployment, retirement, or homelessness.
  • When you receive a diagnosis of a life changing illness
  • problems with lack of fund for livelihood
  • Surviving a treatment event

How do you handle distress, trouble, tribulations of life when you encounter them ? Do you get angry, Frustrated or depressed ? Do you keep them to yourself or do you complain to your friends, brethren or family ? Do you blame God for your problems ?

Why do God let this happen to me?

When believers consistently do not get result, they are Vulnerable (Repeat)

According to National Impatient sample; National Survey on Drug use and Health (2020, 2021) Suicide rate increased approximately 36% between 2000-2021

 Suicide was responsible for 48,183 deaths in 2021. This is an indication that there is a growing trend of frustration, depression and exhaustion inn our society today from the adversity of life. Just on Monday lask week an Airforce lady by profession committed suicide [UNIZIK Student].

There’s a book title “ Tough Time Never last, but Tough people Do “ by Doc Schuller” it say when the going gets tough, tough people gets going Christians are built to be tough in the days of troubles and tribulations.

According to the book “The beauty of Trial by Godwin Eyangho, difficult times and trials are meant to prove God’s supremacy and to proof your faith. The case study of

  • Meshack, Shedrack and Abednego – Daniel 3:16-18
  • Queen Esther – Esther 4:16
  • How To Finish Strong/Draw Strength in the Day of Adversity
  • Never loose your faith

In this Kingdom joy is strength Never loose your joy – Phil. 1:4-4 – Rejoice in the LORD always. Lord I don’t know what is happening, but I rejoice Nehemiah 8:10 – for the joy of the LORD is my strength’ Never loose your joy–Let nothing in this life still you joy— not lack of fund, lack of children, Job, nor pain make up your mind to rejoice 1 Thess. 5:18.

  • Engage in strategic prayer.

The season of adversity are season of deep spiritual emphasis, they are season of prayer and intersection. James 5:13, – is anyone among you afflicted, let him pray He didn’t say let him complain or murmur, nor grumble, he didn’t say let him blame God and backslide, but him pray

  • Worship Through to Victory Exodus 15:2, PS 59:17
  • Wait upon the Lord – Isaiah 40:31.


James 1:2

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