By:                  Bro. Timothy Ejenavi

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The sermon I have for us this morning is on the slide and I have titled it “Double Standard”.

Now to begin this admonition let us first understand the meaning of the word a phrase “Double Standard”.

It is a coinage or idiomatic expression which means one acting deceitfully while hiding his or her true characteristic or mannerism. Further, it means not taking a stand or position. In other words, such a person is neither here nor there. To put it succinctly it is an unprincipled stand driven by a passion for selfish desires or gains.

Before relating it to the church as children of God, let us examine it as it relates to the secular world. We are going to look at it from political angle. The concept of multi-party democracy is today the world acclaimed method of picking leaders into position of leadership.

Now the principle rules of politics is that anyone who wants to involve in it must belong to a political party and abide by its ideology and principles. Often times we have found politicians in our clime who pretends to belong to a particular political party yet secretly romance with another one. The drive for this kind of actions is for selfish gain. Such a one is guilty of “Double Standard” and in political parlance, it is referred to as anti-party activities.

Now the consequences for an action if found out could lead to expulsion from his original party or both because such a person will be seen as a very dangerous specie who could rob the both.

From the forgoing introduction, being double standard is a sin before God and man. One guilty of this is like a two edge sword and can be very dangerous; an unpredictable character, full of deceit on one hand yet portraying himself or herself as been honest.

Now, as Christians, our calling makes us to be chosen from the world (No longer of the world though of the word). This in essence means that as children of God we must worship in truth and spirit. Jn. 4:24. And we can only do this by maintaining our obedience to His will and commandments. We must maintain our spiritual purity in order to subdue the desire of the flesh.

If in our secrets we still indulge in fleshly desires that are sinful we will be guilty of “Double Standard”, pretending to serve God yet still dinning with Mammon. Jn 2:15-17; “Know ye not that the friendship of thee is an enmity with God, whoever will be a friend of the world is an enemy of God” James 4:4. 

As Christians we are now a peculiar people, a chosen generation, a royal priesthood 1 Pet. 2:9-12.

There is therefore a distinction of divide between how we act or behave from the unbeliever. Gal :19-21, 22 – 25. 

Yes as children of God, we should focus on spiritual things at the expense of worldly or fleshy desires that can only lead us to destruction thereby rubbishing our labour here on earth.

If we therefore portray ourselves in the presence of Christians, or brethren and behave otherwise when we are not in company we would be guilty of “Double Standard” and the consequences will be a dis-fellowship from our God who has called us into His service. Don’t be deceived if we are not disfellowshipped physically by the church because we are not seen in the light of our double – dealings. God who sees all our secrets would have acted and the end result will be condemnation.

Double dealing is indeed a great danger to our spiritual aspiration.

“If we sin willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth – there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins”. Heb 10:26. Yes Christ has paid the price once and for all and today we are privileged to be in His kingdom – The Ground and Pillar of the Truth.

“But, thou a man of God flee these things (evil, lust) and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. Fight a good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life whereunto thou art also called, and has professed a good profession after many witnesses”.

Yes, the heaven rejoiced the day we confessed and baptized.


Finally to bring this sermon to a close, let the word of God continually be our mirror. Let us view ourselves always with this perfect law of liberty and free ourselves from evil, so as not to be guilty of “Double Standard” that our labour will not be in vain at the end of time.

Granted, that as human, it is not easy we must seek the help of God always through prayers so that we can work in synergy with the Holy Spirit to overcome.

If we have wandered away from our God through double-dealings into the pathway of sin, Now is the time for us to retrace our steps and come back home and our God will open His arms of love to receive us.

Hymn 685

May God help us to overcome the evil of double – dealings so as to make Heaven at the end of time in Jesus name – Amen.

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