Text:        1 John 2:15

By:      Bro. Godbuilt Godwin Igbava

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The outward form of someone or something as produced by their outline.

The correct or original form of sitting.

Now: do you shape?

With – Malice, envy, gossip, hatred, anger, lies, drunkards, lewdness, idolatry, unforgiveness, fornication, Lust.

Everything created in this world is very good, nothing was made bad. God created all and pronounced them very good both things in heaven and in earth. Gen. 1:31, Rev. 4:11. But something gone wrong as we all know, the man who God made on earth to rule over it, failed by the sin of disobedient. This singular behavior of the first man Adam, Man’s perfect state become changed and his earthly destiny was altered also, All men (Humans) bearing Adamic nature became sinners.

Mankind now loved the world in their imagination than loving God, thereby doing things which are not convenient, they had no regard for God. Genesis 2:15-17, Romans 1:19-31.

However, all hope was not lost and even presently hope is still not loss. As our maker God. The father who deeply loved the world- people gave away [Jesus Christ] His son the anointed one by whom all people can return to Him and to attain perfectness, the original and former   state or form.

This sermon therefore is the record that God is still very much interested in reconciling mankind to Himself, Romans 5:8. Everyone has the right to reconciled. 2 Cor. 5:18-20. You are to choose now. That way is Life. Romans 6:9-14, John 14-6, Titus 2:10-12, I Peter 2:11.

In our great country Nigeria, we have been hearing if politicians who decamped from one political party to another for better expectation as they claimed. “Hear me now church. God want somebody here today to decamped from death to life, so I urge all God’s people, to make use of the grace that you have received and give no place to the devil to still your hope. Likewise I appeal to our friends who are here now, who has not surrender their will- life to Christ to do so now. Because there is no other time better than today. Romans 2:4-8 Hebrews 10:31. Give yourself to God by Christ Jesus.


Do not be conformed to this world. But be transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what good, acceptable and perfect will of God is. Rom. 12:1-2.

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