Text:      Acts 3:2

By:         Bro. Godwin Nene

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Definition: Being trapped in something, Unable to move further, stand still, Remain fix immobile, etc.

For years, this man had been brought daily to the gate of the temple, but that’s as far as he ever got. I wonder why? What keeps us stuck at the gate? Sometimes religion does! In this case, religion said someone with his problem wasn’t welcome inside. Do you feel like that? Because of something you have been through or something you have struggling with, you feel unworthy and unwanted in the Church? Don’t given-up on religion until you try Jesus! He said “…. Him that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out” (John 6:37). He will never reject you. He’ll love you, lift you and help to walk right, if you will give Him a chance.

Sometimes our attitudes keep us stuck at the gate! This man could have said. “I was born this way and there’s nothing I can do about it. Why did God let this happen to me anyway? He could have blame his parents for letting him down or the church for failing him. But nothing in your life will change until you accept responsibility for yourself. We have been hurt. But if you are still telling the story of twenty years later, you’re not a victim by circumstances, you are victim by choice. Don’t blame others for failing to do for you what God can do. He’s the only one who’s qualified to handle your situation and He will if you invite Him into it. The one who lifted the lame man and caused him to walk that day wants to do the same for you today. Will you let Him?

Disobedience can stuck you at the gate: Your disobedience can bring about you been stuck at the gate, our health, family, career and your life. God doesn’t introduce His commandments by saying “If you are in the mood. “No, He means what He says and He intends it for your good. Listen to Him.

Bring God into the picture. “Lord, behold their threatenings” (Acts. 4:29). Have you talked  to the Lord about it yet? If it’s not big enough to be a prayer, it then means it’s too small to be a burden! God should be the first person you should discuss it with, not the last person. Prayer is the door through which He enters your situation. (Psalm 91:15). Please invite Him into your situation.

Lack of faith can stuck you at the gate. Grant unto Thy servants boldness. “ (Acts 4:29) It’s unrealistic to expect that all your questions will be answered and that all your fear will leave. Faith and fear will always be at work in your life. But if you want to be an overcomer learn to starve your fear and feed your faith. (Romans 10:17)

Expecting God’s interventions: Stretch out your hand, (Acts 4:30), Don’t just sit in the seat and do nothing. “Expect God to move! Go on the offensive! Listen, About four O’clock in the morning, Jesus came to them, walking on the water! (Matt. 14:25). He’s till works the night shift! He’s available anytime you call!

Be filled with the Holy Spirit. “And when they had prayed, they were all filled with the Holy spirit…. (Acts 4:31), There’s the key, they were energized and galvanized by the power of God and you can too. Just ask Him today. Acts. 4:3

You are not alone! Paul said, “For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve, saying, Fear not…. God hath given thee all them that sail thee, for I believe God (Acts 27:23-27) with Him on board, there is not a storm big enough to take you under.

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