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At about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, He made a remarkable statement, being His charisma, He said “And If I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me” (John 12:32). This statement is true of what He says.

Why is that we are interested in the life of a man who lived two thousand years ago? For some reasons we are drawn to Him; even, those who do not believed Him find themselves compelled to talk about Him. What draws men to Christ? 


  1. Christ was one who attracted great crowds when He preached and where ever He went.
  2. His character was sinless – John 8:46; 2 Cor. 5:21; Heb. 4:15.

We are drawn to the Person who never violated one of God’s commandments. He is an example for all mankind to follow –             John 13:15; I Pet. 2:21.

  1. His disposition was one of love – His mood; His makeup; His manner of acting in a certain given circumstances is borne from love. God is love – I John 4:8.

Jesus disposition shows that perfect love is from God. Christ was ready to receive the vilest but penitent sinner – Matt. 9:10-11; Matt 2:15; Luke 5:30-31

He had compassion on all men Matt. 9:36; Matt 14:14; Matt 15:32; Matt 20:32

He lifted up men rather than crushing the bruise Matt. 12:20

  1. Christ spoke about God as one who had personal acquaintance with Him – John 3:13; John 5:17-19; John 14:10-11.

He revealed God to mankind in a way that He was not previously known John 14:7-9

He was one with God John 10:30

There was never a man who lived the perfect life that Christ lived 


Men were attracted to the miracles of Christ. People came to receive the physical benefit that the miracles gave to those who were suffering – Matt. 4:24-25; Matt 8:1; Matt 14:14.

They marvelled at the great works that they had never seen before – Matt 8:27; Matt 9:8.

Christ’s miracles astonished men

Walking on water John 6:19

Stilling the tempest Mark 4:39

Feeding the multitude Matt. 14:21

Raising the dead

  • Jairus’ Daughter 5:22-23, 40-42
  • Son of the Widow of Nain Luke 7:11-15
  • Lazarus John 11

Healing the man born blind John 9 

Men were attracted to the miracles of Jesus Christ 


His teachings were so completely different from that of the common Rabbis that men were surprised at His teachings – Matt 7:26-29;  John 7:46

His teaching drew multitudes Matt. 13:1-2; Matt. 15:10; Mark 2:1-2

His parables were easy to remember – Matt. 13

His words exalted a moral purity that attracted the honest in heart – Matt. 5:1-12


  1. The story of Christ’s vicarious death certainly draws men to Him.
  2. His death was not for crimes that He had committed
  3. He, who was sinless, laid down His life for others – 5:6-8.
  4. His agony in Gethsemane evokes our emotional pity – 26:36-44
  5. His unfair trials and the mockery he endured make us feel for Him.
  • He was mocked by the soldiers 27:29, 31; Luke 22:63; Luke 23:11
  • He was declared innocent – Luke 23:22 but still sentenced to death.
  1. His scourging evokes one’s pity 27:26; Mark 15:15; John 19:10-12
  2. His death by crucifixion emotionally moves us.
  • It was terrible
  • He died on the cross of Calvary– 27:50 


  1. Jesus was unique among men, in that He rose from the dead, never to die again – I Cor. 15:1-11
  2. He spoke as One who had power to raise the dead – John 5:25-29
  3. Christ alone has the solution to our fear of death – 2:14-15
  4. He is qualified to speak to us about eternal life and eternal death because of who He is, as confirmed by His resurrection. 


  1. Men were attracted to Christ to learn how to receive eternal life – 19:16; Luke 10:25
  2. Christ has given conditions for eternal life
  • Faith in Him John 8:24
  • Repentance Luke 13:3
  • Confession of faith 10:32
  • Water Baptism John 3:3
  • Faithful living 24:13


How are you attracted to HIM? Do you attract people because of Christ in you? Let us gladly offer to HIM in the homage of our worship.

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