Text:                  Luke 10:38-42

By:                      Bro. Joel, Uto

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Sitting at the feet of Christ is very significant to the Christian life. The phrase of the exhortation is taken from the encounter of Christ with Martha and Mary as recorded in Luke 10:38-42.

Mary sat at the feet of Jesus Christ. This expression means that Mary took a sit close to Christ feet in a reverential way to attentively listen to him. But scoffers make mockery of the statement to mean something else. Similarly, the mad man whom bad spirit was cured of was sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed in his right frame of mind Luke 8:35; implying that the man having been cured of demon is seated in homage or reverential position close to Christ and attentively listening to His teaching.

Apostle Paul was brought up at the feet of Gamaliel Act 22:3, which means that he was trained in the care of Gamaliel who was actually knowledgeable of the law. The Literal understanding therefore means that ‘Oga’ is seated highly and the servant is seated at a lower position to hear. Scoffers misinterpreted ‘sitting at the feet of Christ’ to mock that Mary sat on the lap of Christ which is not true or correct. Please correct them!

When we come to hear the word of God and we are fully seated on the pews, we are seated at the feet of Jesus. Christians should be cautious and conscious of Him. What then do we learn as we sit at the feet of Jesus Christ? So much is gained or benefitted at the feet of Christ. Christ is the totality of the spirit-fill man from heaven. One great lesson learnt and gained is the ‘good part’ which will not be taken away from us. Truly copying Christ gives no blame. Sitting at the feet of Jesus gives room for our piety. The response of Christ to Martha means a lot. Seeking for the heavenly things is better than the earthly Col 3:1-3. The “good part” lives on but the “other part” perishes. Mary cares for things of the spirit, the kingdom, the love there in, the gains for eternal life etc. The facts from the statement of Christ to Martha also implied that first things should be done first. So this should give everyone the sense of responsibility, concern, concentration/ focus, mindedness as we worship.

Secondly, we sit at the feet of Christ to learn of HIS friendship relationship. Jesus Christ was a friend filled with love for Martha and Mary – John 11:5. Christ went there for the love he had for them, and Martha wants to honor Christ and His entourage, perhaps to reciprocate the love for Christ. We should know our relationship in Christ and demonstrate it when duty calls for it. We should carry over love but not offences/grudges.

Thirdly, at the feet of Christ we learn from the words of life. Peter affirms who I will go to; you have the words of life. So when we are gathered at the feet of Christ these words of life should be our concern to truly attain and live by.

We learn respect and orderliness as we sat at the feet of Jesus. Mary sat with respect to learn from Jesus. This was what Christ recognized. We should need Christ more in our lives Matt 6:33. We should have respect for the Word. We should have respect for one another; know our feelings/pains as not to hurt one another. However we MUST correct one another in love Eph 4;32. Christ`s rebuke to Martha was with love. We should sit at the feet of Christ without materiality focus.

Sitting at the feet of Jesus, we learn obedience and humility. To obey is better than sacrifice. Jesus is the full accomplishment of obedience and humility Phil 2:8. He demonstrated humility by washing the feet of his disciples. He obeyed the father by strictly carrying out the work, he was sent. He sacrificed his life on the cross in obedience to salvage man. Christians   should   be   obedient   and   humble   in   our   capacities.

When we sat at the feet of Jesus we learn dependence and trust in God. We should know how to depend on God. Trust him for who he is and what he can do Heb 11:6. When love is combined in compassion, Christ would always be seen in us. He has pity for the poor sinner. In fact, he regards them as sheep without shepherd. So he feeds them, He heals them. Let the compassion of Christ be seen in us when we are gathering in his presence. The Elders must show compassion on the flock as they lead. All Christians should show compassion one another. It is the beauty of the children of God.

Conclusively, we sermonize ourselves on somethings we should learn of Christ. Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in us.

Thank you and God bless HIS word.

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