Text: Genesis 17:15-19, 18:9-15

By: Bro. Emmanuel Afekolu

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CASE STUDY: This two Character “Abraham and Sarah”.

It is where we are going to base our discussion on today and understanding the might of God’s wisdom toward mankind.

Def/Intro: God is a God of pattern, He plans and then execute; just to flashback towards creation in the book of Genesis which is at the beginning. It is according to pattern and planning. Genesis chapter 1 & 2.

Smile: Advance Learners Dictionary definition is indicative of pleasure, favour, kindliness, amusement etc.

Smile is to laugh: In the context of this discussion, it is the gladness and joy of mind.

Isaac – means laughter. Then, examining the parents, what brought about this name. Gen. 18:9-15

  1. TESTIMONIES OF NAME: 1 Sam. 4:11, 15, 19-22.

The opposite of smile – it can be bitterness, hatred and so on. God can only smile on you, when your ways seems right with God. We should repent of our wicked and evil ways. The two (2) sons of Priest Eli – They did evil in the sight of God. 1 Sam 4:11-22 (11, 15, 19-22).

ICHABOD – The glory has departed from Israel. At sundry times gave them into captivity – when they disobeyed, often time, the Almighty God may allow us to pass through some challenges in life to correct and strengthen us.

  • DELAY IS NOT DENIAL: Rewrite your name by putting your trust in God only. 2 Cor. 5:17
  • Those that waited upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Isaiah 40:31
  • Those that tarry for a while before they have their desire needs or children. – the Almighty God gave them great children – Lk 24:49.

EXAMPLES: include as follows (Bible backing)

  1. Abraham and Sarah – son – Isaac – Gen.17:15-19. Promise child- Gen. 18:12-15, the pronouncement came to pass – Gen. 21:1-6,7.
  2. The mother of Samson – Manoah (father) Judges 13:1-3. Samson (Nazarite) defeated the philistines – Judges 15:9-20.
  3. The mother of Samuel (Hannah) – 1 Sam. 1:1-7 Father (Elkanah) vs 11 – 17, 19 – 20 (Selfishness is not good in our own part). 1 Sam 2:20, 21 – 26, 3:19-21 (As a prophet of the Lord – Not just a prophet but Great prophet and Judge.)
  4. The mother of John the Baptist (Elizabeth) Lk 1:36-45. Father (Zacharias) vs. 36 Barrenness. The forerunner of Jesus Christ and the great Baptiser and fearlessness.


“Always keep a smile on your face, never stop the smile on your face because one is happy due to your facial expression and especially smile.”

No matter the situation at hand, your smile will come, smile is a medicine, smile will make you feel good, smile is a satisfaction, smile is the spirit of God, smile is always making our heart bless, smile is at the door Rev. 3:20, smile will embrace you, smile will follow you and keep smiling today as you leave here. People will call you smile and you will SMILE.

But what can truncate your smile is desperation. Desperation may lead one to sin, if proper care is not taken. Jer. 17:9, 10. There are some certain things you cannot change especially pertaining to God. Material things you can change but nature you cannot change but hold on to God for unexpected to happen. Eccl. 3:1-9. May the Lord almighty in His infinite mercy bless this sermon in our hearts in Jesus name – Amen.

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