Text:                Genesis 19:17

By:                   Bro. Napoleon Ayeta (Deacon)

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In Luke 17:32, the Lord described the unreadiness in which many people are going to be found during His second coming, He said, Remember Lot’s Wife.

Who Was Lot’s Wife? 

She was the wife of Lot when according to Peter was a righteous man. Of hm the bible says in 2 Peter 2:8. For that righteous man, dwelling among them, tormented his righteous soul from day to day by seeing and hearing their lawless deed. 

  • She had so many privileges many people in her time did not have
  • A wife of a righteous man – Lot.
  • She had knowledge of the only true God.
  • She was so privileged to be ministered to by angels who brought her out of the city of Sodom – Genesis 19:16.
  • She had Abraham the father of the faithful as her husband’s uncle.
  • The faith and prayers of these two men of God would have been a real blessing to her.
  • She had God fearing daughters who were still virgins – Genesis 19:8.
  • Her husband, herself, and the children were directed and guided to a place of safety by the angels – Genesis 19:18-23.

With all these reasons, she would have had faith in God. Indeed, she was highly a favoured woman to have lived with people like Abraham and Lot. And to the angels from heaven guiding her out of the city was indeed a great honour.

Yet what effect did all these privileges had on her? Of all her opportunities, she lived and died an impatient and unrepentant woman. She was just a religious woman on the outside but her heart was far from God.

What About Us? 

Just like Lot’s wife, many of us have lived in the midst of great privileges:

  • It is a privilege to live in a house/home where the fear of God is manifested
  • It is a real privilege to our children that are born and brought up in the fold
  • It is a privilege to hear the undiluted word of God preached to us Sunday after Sunday and weekly activities.
  • It is even a privilege for us to be a church of Christ member.
  • It is a privilege to be brought up in a house that has morning devotion every day.

One Thing We Need to know is that Great Privileges Always Bring on Great Responsibilities 

The greater our privileges have been, the greater the condemnation, if we fail to shoulder the responsibilities that go with them. That is why the judgement of our Lord Jesus was pronounced against many cities where He had done most of His mighty works.

… But they did not repent – Matthew 11:20-24.

What Was Lot’s Wife Sin? 

Backward Look – The Bible says in Genesis 19:26, But his wife looked back behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.  The account of the sin of Lot’s wife is given in just a few words “She Looked Back” – There are much we can learn from those few words.

  • The Sin of Disobedience: the commandment of the angel was very clear and unmistakeable. The angel clearly said, Escape for Your Life, don’t look back – Genesis 19:17 (text).

 Like Adam/Eve, Lot’s wife refused to obey God’s express instruction.

  • The word Obedience “means yielding to the authority of God” or complying with God’s command. Failure to do that amount to disobedience.
  • The word of God demands that, at all-time His children must consistently live life of obedience to God. No isolated word acts of religious devotion can make up for lack of obedience to God and His words – 1 Samuel 15:22. 
  • The Sin of Worldliness 
  • Worldliness is another sin of Lot’s wife
  • Though physically she had been delivered out of Sodom, but her heart was still there
  • She was not ready to give up the world of Sodom she had left behind
  • Her heart passionately longed for things of the world.  
  • A Backward Glance Decides Everything 

Like Lot’s wife, many believers love the things of the world more than they love God, the giver of all good things.

And many, many will miss the rapture because of their heart treasure – which are the things of this world. No one that put his hand on the plough and looks back is worthy of the kingdom.


A backward glance decides everything.

Therefore, run for your life, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. We all must run the race with courage and patience until we reach the finishing line.

May God Almighty bless His words in our hearts in Jesus name – Amen.

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