TEXT: Proverbs 25:28, Proverbs 19:11, James 1:20

Bro. Esivwe Avwokpeta

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Anger is an internal feeling of displeasure leading to negative outward behaviour. In other words, anger is a product of the thought. The way you think is the way you feel. A lot of people are so used to following their feelings; in anger, feelings will replace reasoning; anger blocks objectivity. Immediately the feeling of displeasure comes to you, you are taking decision on based on that feeling of displeasure or annoyance not on objective thought; this leads to strong provocation that practically suspends your mind; thoughts begin to rush out at you like a dam that was opened; you start talking, acting, in fact it is serious that the aggression will be noticed; this is the authentic mark of immaturity.

It is the authentic evidence that even though your spirit is born again, you are not renewing your mind according to Romans 12:2.

It is obvious that anger can break relationship people shouldn’t have broken; because with anger, there is no patience; with anger you don’t see things clearly. Anger is a temporary state of madness.

Brethren, with hot temper, everything becomes hot – Proverbs 15:18… like a defenceless city so is a man who has no control over his temper – Proverbs 25:28.

Some of us are so much program – our level of tolerance is almost zero that at every instance that we are triggered, we explode. “You tell your wife, don’t be angry na, you know me na, …just because salt was too much in the beans, …you close your eyes…” We take irrational decisions… (Listen) nothing get better with anger … Romans 6:16, Proverbs 29:22.

Overcoming/Gaining Control Over The Feeling of Displeasure (Anger)

Never Ever Allow Anger To Move You Quick Into Action

Every time that feeling of displeasure comes and you are stirred up, never ever speak, never ever send an SMS, never ever take a decision; declare war against it; because whatever you do base on that feeling of displeasure will not be right. You must therefore delay action to think deep and this is where the responsibility is. The danger is each time people are angry, the next thing is words and actions. You will be premeditating what to say and the feeling of displeasure begins to talk to us,

tell him he is a fool, …he is mad, …your body will scream because the feeling is trying to move you …

For those who are intelligent and articulate, they will see emotion in our action. So we must delay action, cool down and think objectively because anger block reasoning… This is where maturity is displayed, this where understanding is, this is where knowledge is required. It takes discipline… the immature will always get angry quickly and it is the matured that will delay anger…

In fact there are some situations that needed time to handle them, but some of us don’t take time to do things, we just scatter things and spoil a lot of things… Your husband is angry, you as a wife now wears the clock of anger too, …

I know say you be Urhobo man, me myself na Ijaw woman, I go tell you say we be warriors, today we go dig am out…” – Proverbs 15:1.

Finally on this, supress taking action or saying anything until you have control over your anger.

Agree You Have a Problem

Stop to blame, agree you have an emotional problem that must be dealt with.

Sincerely Take It To God in Prayer

Take it to God in prayer by asking God to help you. Tell Him your level of tolerance is low, you find it difficult to accommodate your level of perseverance is zero.

Locate Anti‐Anger Scriptures and apply them to your life on a daily basis. Mediate on them, confess them so that each time the feeling of displeasure comes, those scriptures will move out to guide you on what to do. Scriptures like Proverbs 22:24, 29:11.


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