Text: Psalm 133:1

By Bro. Jude Obomedaire

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Introduction: The church is made up of thousands of people and the leaders cannot manage them, thus they are group into different unit using their geographical location. This makes it easy for church leaders to attend to every members spiritual needs. Each unit has a leader which gives report to the leaders. In terms of the spiritual or physical need of the brethren in their location or unit, zones – Exodus 18:21.

Jethro knew that Moses cannot do the Job alone because it is very tasking thus he advice breaking the job into smaller cells. This is to enable Moses to Shepherd the Israelites properly.

  1. WHAT IS FELLOWSHIP: Fellowship has so many definition but we are going to define fellowship in three ways – Acts 2:41‐42.
  2. Fellowship is an association where people come together to achieve a common goal – Galatians 2:9, Philippians 2:1, Philippians 1:1‐5, 4:10‐18.
  3. Fellowship is also defined as a joint participation.

From the above definition, it can be said that fellowship is an association where people jointly participation to achieve a common purpose or goal – Jude Obomedaire. Therefore, before one can say he/she is in fellowship with others, he must associate or participate.

To associate simple means to mix‐up, relate with and to participate means to be involved in the action.

 Fellowship does not mean placing membership in a church or congregation.

 It does not mean being baptize.

 It does not mean bodily present in the church regularly.

When you are not in fellowship, you are destroying yourself and the church because fellowship is the bonds that bind Christians together.

  2. Not associating
  3. Not participating
  4. Not sharing
  5. Sarcastic attitude (insult)
  6. Competition/jealousy
  7. Pride
  8. Low self esteem
  9. Lack of reciprocation
  10. Gossip
  11. Bitterness/unforgiven spirit
  12. Mutual respect (young/old).

Note: When you do not fellowship:

  1. You push the brethren and the church away.
  2. You give satan room to break you
  3. You die with you challenges
  4. You destroy the plane of God and He is not happy with you.


Fellowship is the bond that binds us together:

 Fellowship is the lubricant between us

 Fellowship is the joy of being a Christian. If you know you are here with us today and you have not being fellowshipping in one or the other, please you are destroying

what God has created (the church) and God is never ever happy with you. Whatever is the cause of disfellowship with other.

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