Text:            Eph. 5: 13-14

By:               Esivwe Avwokpeta 

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Awake is a verb that implies to stop sleeping; means to wake up!

This is a call for consciousness that gives you a sense of purpose as you live your life. Many a times, we sleep by being carefree and careless. Most of us go through life without being aware we are dead when we live outside the guidelines provided by God. When you awake in your life, you will manage the course of events that transpires around you. Doing that which matters most keeps your spiritual life, awake because you may not have the chance to do it again when it is over. Often a time, we are not really awake until we get a wakeup call and then suddenly things are clear.

There was this man who felt a slight pressure in his chest and before we knew it, the pressure is increased. The only thing he remembers is the siren noise from an incoming ambulance. Later, he was lying on the bed in an emergency room hearing the faint but irregular sound of his own heartbeat. And what came to his mind as it may be to anyone of us seated here was that, he was now negotiating with God, that if he makes it through the night, there are things which he would focus on that he missed. And these words were said in an exact clarity as he gradually recovered, and requested that he should be given a paper and a pen, of which he wrote down certain things which matters most in his life of which he will be doing before it is finally over in life (Play, family, adopt a child foundation). The question he asked was that, “why should we wait for a wakeup call before we live right?”. Sometimes, we may not be as lucky as this man to be alive again.

Ask yourself these questions.

Am I living a life true to myself?

Is my focus on things that matters?

Am I being the person who God wants me to be? Eph. 5:2-8

Am I living a godly life by being an example to others?

  • Showing compassion and kindness?
  • Being fair to others?
  • Visiting the weak and sick?
  • Working for God?


1 THESS. 5:4-7

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